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My name is Marcelo Menezes e Silva Also Known As Cálcio Heavy Metal or just Cálcio.

I worked with Web development since 2000. Using PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS as well as database such Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and M$ SQL Server.

I am now at Núcleo

I'm also an active participant in the free software community and a speaker of the PHP Rio group. I'm a leader of the Yii Framework Brazil group, whose goal is to add content to the Brazilian PHP Community.

Read some posts in my Medium: https://medium.com/@calcionit (in portuguese)



Analyst/PHP Developer since 2000. Object Oriented Programming, MVC, using PHP frameworks like, Yii2, Laravel and CodeIgniter


I began my career as instructor in 1999 at Tema Informática. From 2002 to 2007 as instructor consultant at Tema Informática, Digidata and PHP private classes

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Participation in FLISOL (Latino Festival of Free Software Installation), Event organization I Hack'n Rio, Lecture series SINDPDRJ and EDX


Convert CI 2x to CI 3X

CI 2 (CodeIgniter 2) is very old and obsolet, however I can convert your system/site developed in, CI 2.x, to CI 3.x

Convert CI to Yii 2

Even CI (CodeIgniter) being a good framewok it is obsolet and does not follow the good practice and not follow the new features of PHP. However I can convert your system/site developed in,CI 2.x and CI 3.x, to Yii2

Create your website

Let me help you to create a beautiful and functional site. I use the newest PHP technology and fast development maintaining quality and efficiency.

Books & Courses


My portfolio consists of systems screens that I created in companies that I have worked



Social Network Game



Risk Management



Investment Governance System



Timesheet system

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